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Add to Cart 11/13/2018 Retail Sales

Merchants: After a September Scare an October Rebound Restores Faith in Christmas

On Target
Add to Cart 10/30/2018 New Vehicle Sales

Dealers: Oct Continues Downtrend for Auto Sales, Muting Outlook for Balance of 2018

Add to Cart 10/29/2018 Nonfarm Payrolls

Recruiters: October Job Orders Modestly Soften as More Applicants Apply for Work

On Target
Add to Cart 10/24/2018 Durable Goods Orders

Tech Mfg Execs: Robust Cap Spending Generates Big Backlogs But a Slowdown Coming

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Add to Cart 10/23/2018 International Trade

Cargo Execs: Import Flows Stay Strong, Exports Drop for a September Deficit Widening

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Add to Cart 10/15/2018 Housing Starts and Sales

Builders: September Another Down Month; Prices Fall as Competition Heats Up

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Add to Cart 10/11/2018 Retail Sales

Merchants: September a Month Where Little Went Right on a Slumping Retail Front

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Add to Cart 10/9/2018 CPI/PPI (inflation)

Apartment Execs: Rents Plateauing at Highs or Sinking Fast, Depending on Location

Add to Cart 10/1/2018 New Vehicle Sales

Dealers: A Bad Sales Month for New In September as Consumers Shift to Used

On Target
Add to Cart 9/28/2018 Nonfarm Payrolls

Recruiters: Job Orders Jump In September, More Orders Filled, Yet No Labor Loosening

Add to Cart 9/26/2018 International Trade

Cargo Execs: August Imports Flat But Elevated as Exports Rise Despite Counter Tariffs

Add to Cart 9/21/2018 Durable Goods Orders

Truck Industry Execs: Explosive Truck Orders in August, But Sustainability in Question

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