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We are a reality-based economic forecasting service tracking all key U.S. indicators ahead of release. We rely exclusively on the experiences of real business people in the center of the economic storm who are the true eyewitnesses to the economy's every move. No pundits, no spin – only facts and insights!

Latest Outlook

Despite suffering bad days from storms and unaccustomed cold, Sun Belt markets would spike on nice days. But up North there was no reprieve.   

So 2014 appears to be the kind of year when weather forecasters will have far more to say about the economy’s overall direction than economic forecasters and their computer models.

The danger is not what weather did to January (the market typically doesn’t get going until Super Bowl week anyway), but the way in which weather may delay or curtail the far more critical spring selling season. 

Yet the supply chain is gearing up for something really big in 2014 – and the sense of optimism is undiminished by weather...  (EconoPlay ahead of January housing data)  


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