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We are a reality-based economic forecasting service tracking all key U.S. indicators ahead of release. We rely exclusively on the experiences of real business people in the center of the economic storm who are the true eyewitnesses to the economy's every move. No pundits, no spin – only facts and insights!

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How we described a spring housing surge before anyone else did:

Builders might not be ready to announce that this is, at long last, the spring market they’ve been waiting for, but they certainly appear to be acting like it is.

It might not be wise to overplay the expectations game given how new construction remains crimped by labor issues especially. Yet builders are reporting a nice mix of good to real good activity.

But suppliers to builders are exuberant. They’re seeing a surge in building materials orders from lumberyards – a rather conservative bunch that wouldn’t be ordering like they are if they had nothing to justify those orders.
By some accounts, it was the best month for building materials suppliers in about a decade.
It’s been a bit of a mystery as to why home sales (new or used) have been muted relative to a heightened desire for ownership. But low inventories beget low sales. If there’s nothing out there to buy, better to stay put and remodel or continue to rent. (EconoPlay - April 2016)
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